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  • Ingredients and uses:

    - Tinted Lipstick Skinfood Sugar Color Tint In multi-colored lip balm, it makes lips soft, beautiful with moderate shine, bright lip color and rich in moisture for lips.

    - With rich sugar content, beeswax and mango butter essence are extremely natural for brightness and high humidity will help the girls face will not face dry and exfoliate, especially in the summer.

    - Ingredients Son Tint Lip Balm Skinfood Sugar Color Tint In high moisture Balm contains enamel to care for dry and weak lips, can be used instead of lip balm.

    How to use :

    Step 1: Apply a layer of lipstick to the lip color is the most standard.

    Step 2: The lip from the lower lip to the side.

    Step 3: Lay out the lipstick.

    Capacity: 3.2g

    Made in Korea

    103,000 66,950 (-35%)