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  • 1. Mascara all Proof:

    - With long lasting, long-lasting, black-and-dry waterproofing, it's a wonder to have a perfect look with perfect lashes.

    - The product is made from natural ingredients, helps to add essential nutrients to your lashes without causing irritation. At the same time, with its sleek and elegant design, it will surely make you fascinated in a snap.

    - Products with special palm design that will not cause lemons, lumps or heavy eyelashes so you can easily clean with warm water or make eye creams for your eyes.

    💦 2. All-round automatic eyeliner with high color retention and waterproof features, giving the eyes a crisp, alluring look.
    - The product is suitable for the beach, go swimming, rain without worry about the eyeliner drifted away!

    ⏩Product with silicone-based lead-free formulation, which is very good against water, especially when your skin is oily or perspired because the protective film is completely improved, so you can Confident with his sharp eyes throughout the day

    Made in Korea
    Mascara: 10g
    Eyeliner: 3g

    180,000 144,000 (-20%)
  • Cream Cheek:
    - Skin on the skin
    - Soft, thin, smooth, lightweight and super natural like Korean girl, giving a clear feeling and natural blush.
    - Deeply penetrating the skin, giving a natural pink color, creating a uniform color for the face

    300,000 240,000 (-20%)
  • Kisimle Tinted Treatment Primer


    The appearance of the skin tone correction cream is one of the breakthrough innovations that makes makeup experts in the world are infatuated.


    - The base layer will help protect the skin from the effects of cosmetics and the environment.

    · Customize skin tone to create the perfect background effect

    - Add moisture to the skin while makeup helps to maintain the foundation for a long time.

    - Creamy liquid texture, easy to apply to the skin immediately

    - Optimizes pigmentation, protects the skin from irritation, enhances moisture, reduces oily, makes the foundation beautiful and durable, keeps the makeup longer.


    - The cream contains natural ingredients, do not make the skin over long make up: seaweed, bark, rose essence


    - After skin care steps before makeup

    -Before you brush the foundation. Apply a long line to the T-zone (forehead, nose) and under the eyes and then spread around to the cream to penetrate evenly.

    Export: Korea
    Capacity: 30ml

    650,000 390,000 (-40%)